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terms of service

01 / payment

All commissions must be paid in full upfront.

Production will begin after the payment is processed.

02 / process

2.1 Sketch – The commissioner can ask changes to the art.

2.2 Color plan – The commissioner can ask changes to the base colors.

2.3 Rendering – Small changes can still be requested (Such as coloring mistakes and small details). Any big changes will result in extra charges.

03 / deadline

The artwork will be finished within 3-4 weeks after payment. During that time, the commissioner will receive screenshots of the process. In case there is a specific deadline, the commissioner must inform the artist beforehand and extra fees might be charged.

04 / the product

The commissioner will receive the product digitally. Physical copies are not included. A full resolution (300 dpi) PDF file will be sent to the commissioner's email, along with outputs in high quality JPEG and PNG. The PDF file can be used by the commissioner for printing, whereas the outputs can be shared in social media, used as wallpapers, etc.

05 / copyright and usage policy

The artist holds every right to the final artwork, therefore being allowed to post it online to their social media and online galleries and use it for their own publicity. The artist, however, is not allowed to resell the artwork to third parties unless it's agreed otherwise. The commissioned artwork can be used for PERSONAL USE only, therefore the commissioner can print the art for themselves and share it online, with proper credit given to the artist.

06 / copyright infringement

The commissioner is NOT allowed to:

  • Make profit off the final artwork, reproducing the artwork commercially;

  • Taking credit for the creation of the artwork;

  • Removing the artist's signature;

  • Altering the final artwork without the artist's consent.

07 / cancelling and refunds policy

The commission can be canceled, with 100% refunds, BEFORE the artist starts working on the request.

The commissioner can receive 100% of refunds in case the artist is unable of providing or finishing the artwork for any reasons.

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